Travis M. Jacobs

​Principal Engineer


​​Specialties To Include:
ANSYS, ANSYS CFD, ANSYS CFX, ANSYS Fluent, ANSYS FEA, ANSYS FSI, Finite Element Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Structural Analysis, Conjugate Heat Transfer, Vibration, Fatigue.

Tough And Rugged Insulated Water Bottles

Our team really bonded over this idea, and the result was a tough and rugged stainless steel insulated water bottle. While other models on the market do a great job keeping liquids cold and hot, those qualities disappear as soon as you drop the flask and damage the bottle. Through our research, we have modeled and tested various materials with which to coat the water bottle that will substantially decrease the risk of damage upon impact. Once the bottle is damaged the insulative properties are substantially deteriorated.  Combining simulation with our team’s creativity, ingenuity and materials science allows us to create an innovative solution resulting in a water bottle that is lighter, tougher, more ergonomic and, of course, better looking.

The goal was to make the water bottle as light as possible, and maximize the thermal insulation properties at the same time.

Using ANSYS mechanical we ran transient thermal simulations to plot the temperature versus time of the liquid inside the bottle.

We calculated the heat transfer through the walls of the bottles and could optimize the design through multiple design iterations.

Using ANSYS we can simulate hundreds of combinations of bottles, we simulate different insulation materials, different thicknesses of insulation and different thicknesses of the inner and outer liner of stainless steel. Type your paragraph here.

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